Email Analysis – A Need in This Age of Increasing Cyber Defamation

email analysisNowadays, email analysis of forensic email evidences is a necessitate element in the practice of cyber crime investigation. Cases of Email spoofing, spamming, cyber defamation and lot more others are increasing rapidly to stop these one requires to implement forensic email analysis. Let’s take this new-fangled subject which is harassment either can be known as cyber stalking has made an impact which affected the corporate world drastically. People have got alternate options to harass one be it personally or professionally its being used both the ways. Here our email examination tool can be the best solution for making the execution of analysis of forensic evidence feasible.

Analysis Forensic Email       email header analysis

Cyber Stalking One of the Key Attributes of Cyber Crime

It’s about a General Manager named MR. X of a reputed multi-national company named ABC ltd. Later on after few years the manager started harassing one of his female employees named MISS Y through emails by altering the email header. So MISS Y thought that MR. X will discontinue doing so very soon because she took the issue to the Board members for email analysis. However MR. X was still sending the emails and didn’t stop. So finally MISS Y had to file a complaint against MR. X with the cyber crime department and they did the needful. This forensic case required email header analysis of the emails & to examine, analyze the emails thoroughly to the nucleus it requires analysis of forensic evidence.

Forensic Analysis of Email through Email Header Analysis

In this above case of cyber stalking our tool can play the vital role in the direction to perform email header analysis of the forensic email evidence. Forensic analysis of email can also be done effortlessly with email analysis tool as it's laden with the most exclusive characteristics which are as follows:

  • Email analysis tool has fast search facility feature which can search email evidences instantly through Contacts, To, Bcc, Cc, Sub, Body etc. and attached files to the email.
  • To examine the email analysis tool offers its analysis of forensic evidence attribute which can examine email applications such as EDB, MBOX, TBB, THE BAT, SEA MONKEY etc.Forensic Analysis of Email

  • For analyzing the email analysis tool offers email header analysis attribute to analyze source code emails like HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME, PROPERTIES VIEW etc.
  • Furthermore after email header analysis the email analysis tool facilitates multiple ways to collect evidence either by exporting or else by converting the evidences into EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF and HTML files respectively.
    email analysis

analysis of forensic evidence

Avail the Benefits of Trial Version

Avail the services of FREE DEMO of software with 50 emails export per folder for next 30 days and if its attributes looks promising to you then subscribe to the licensed version of it.

Analysis Forensic Email       email header analysis

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