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Escort Security - Service Package According to User with Multiple Service Provided!

PSO, Bouncers, Security guards, Women PSO are the highlighted services from the Escort Security. Clients who need security arrangements for the industrial, corporate, and residential area can contact the trustworthy security consultant and get the satisfied service in affordable package.

Personal Security Officers

Escort Security® provides security service in the quality way to meet the client expectation and thus give satisfaction. The need of the security setup is of extreme importance and users who have the need of escort security, PSO, Bouncers, and Women bodyguards can contact us 24x7 with their security need and concern.

Woman PSO

Women PSO and body guards are provided to escort and protect family members including senior citizen, kids, college going students and others so that the attack from strangers and crowd can be handled in the best possible way. Cab security, hostel security and other institutional security for women employees are assured with women PSO appointed.


Late night parties, parties in the club or resort and also the parties that have involvement of crowd needs proper security setup and for this purpose bouncers are the best choice and at Escort Security it is provided with well built, well dressed, disciplined and experienced bouncers.

Security Guards

From gate to building security the entire security concerns of the industrial and residential area is satisfied when Security guards are arranged for work. Contact Escort Security for security guards and get both male and female guards under category of armed or unarmed according to the demand of client.