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Your Feedback is Our Performance Meter

Clients Testimonials

Your feedback is what we appreciate and acknowledge as this is a mirror to our performance letting us know our functioning and also about the points of improvement that we can inculcate into our services and products so as to achieve maximum user satisfaction, which is our sole aim. Below given are some feedbacks that we received from some of our esteemed clients, who rated our services 10 out of 10:

Security concerns were high when we moved our residence from USA to Delhi. Among many other concerns the concern of security to my school going daughter was high, so I contacted Escort Security to arrange women bodyguard for my kid. She is highly talented and trustworthy enough to protect my child from any kind of troubles. Now I am tension free and lead a peaceful life, enjoying winter in Delhi.

- Dr. Karan Malhotra, Cardiologist, New Delhi

I had to throw a birthday bash for my colleagues as well as family and friends but due was highly concerned about the security issues. Where there is drinking involved, situations may turn out bad at any moment. And I am highly satisfied with the security and management served by Escort Security's bouncers whom I hired for safety issues.

- Sunil Jindal, Businessman, South Delhi

You can't say when people crossing near to you play the role of a thief or attacker so, it is better to hire security guards and personal security officers from a renowned security provider organization. I did the same and these days I am enjoying security services of Escort Security. Now I am safe and can do my work without any hassle. Thanks to Escort Security.

- Uzma Parveen, Najafgarh

I must say thanks of security guards from Escort Security as I hired two security guards when I came to know that some miss-happening taken place at the area where I have settled my workshop. From the day, I am using security services of Escort Security; I kept away all the tensions regarding security of my assets.

- Lalit Upadhayay, Noida

Thank you Escort Security for making my child's first birthday bash a memorable event. The Personal Security Officers provided excellent protection to the guests with surveillance products made the event safer.

- Rajni Arora, Dwarka

I must say the Personal Security Officer services by Escort Security are commendable and I am being acquiring their services since four months till now.

- Aarav Bajaaj, Mahavir Enclave

Now I have no fear for leaving my family in Delhi when it come the business meetings and foreign trips, because Escort Security, security guards and PSO are engaged in my residence and instructed to escort my family where ever they move. I feel much secured when my friends and business shareholders share their personal life story where their family face much issues from the public and crowd around. Thanks to the Escort Security services that helped me lead a peaceful life in Delhi.

- Mr.Anil Matur, CEO of Metal and Steel Industries, Noida